Sample Problem

Potato walks at 100 meters per minute, Eggplant walks at 80 meters per minute, and Lettuce walks at 75 meters per minute. Potato starts walking from Village A and Eggplant and Lettuce begin from Village B. They walk towards each other, starting at the same time. 6 minutes after Potato passes Eggplant, Potato passes Lettuce. How far from Village A is Village B?



In this lesson, you will learn how to solve difficult distance problems. Most of these involve many steps, and cannot be solved just by knowing the formulas.

It takes (100 + 75) × 6/ (80 - 75) = 210 meters to meet for the first time, so Village A is (100 + 80) × 210 = 37800 meters from Village B.

As you can see, ingenuity is required for these problems.