Sample Problem

Sophie is turning 18 in 3 months and her parents are planning to purchase her a helicopter for her 18th birthday. According to state law, however, if she owns a helicopter, she must pay a yearly helicopter tax. The helicopter tax is based on the cost of the helicopter. Suppose her parents were planning to buy her a $2,495,000 helicopter that has a tax of $948, 100 every year.

a)Find a mathematical model that gives the amount of helicopter tax y in terms of the cost x of the helicopter.

y=*x (round your answer to the nearest hundredth)


b)Suppose that, due to the economic recession, Sophie’s parents lost their jobs and can no longer afford a $2,495,000 helicopter and instead must buy her a cheaper one. They buy her a used helicopter for $525,000; what is the helicopter tax on a $525,000 helicopter?

$ (round your answer to the nearest whole dollar)




k=.38 (38% helicopter tax)