Sample Problem

For the years 1990 through 2010, the resident population of Kiki Island can be approximated by the model

An=3000+29.7n+0.85n2, n=0, 1,…, 20 where an is the population and n represents the year, with n=0 corresponding to 1990.

Find the last five terms of this finite sequence, which represent Kiki Island’s population for the years 2006-2010.

, , , , (give all answers exactly; if answer is non-integer, give in exact decimal form.)


2006 population: a16=3000+29.7(16)+0.85(16)2=3692.8

2007 population: a17=3000+29.7(17)+0.85(17)2=3750.55

2008 population: a18=3000+29.7(18)+0.85(18)2=3810

2009 population: a19=3000+29.7(19)+0.85(19)2=3871.15

2010 population: a20=3000+29.7(20)+0.85(20)2=3934