• M.1. Oxidation-Reduction

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    2. M.1.Q. Unit Challenge

    3. M.1.1. Oxidation-Reduction (Redox) Reactions

      1. M.1.1.O. Overview
      2. M.1.1.1. Identifying the reducing agent
      3. M.1.1.2. Identifying the oxidizing agent
      4. M.1.1.3. Writing half-reactions (ionic equations and net ionic equations)
      5. M.1.1.4. Balancing Redox Reactions
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  • M.2. Electrochemistry

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    2. M.2.Q. Unit Challenge

    3. M.2.1. Voltaic or Galvanic Cells

      1. M.2.1.1. Identifying structure of galvanic cells
    4. M.2.2. Electrolytic Cells

      1. M.2.2.O. Overview
      2. M.2.2.1. Identifying structure of electrolytic cells
      3. M.2.2.2. Using Faraday’s Constant
    5. M.2.3. Standard Reduction (Electrode) Potentials

      1. M.2.3.O. Overview
      2. M.2.3.1. Recognizing differences in reduction potential based on E°
      3. M.2.3.2. Calculating E°cell (Electromotive force - EMF)
    6. M.2.4. Thermodynamics of Redox Reactions

      1. M.2.4.O. Overview
      2. M.2.4.1. Solving problems using ΔG = -nFEcell
      3. M.2.4.2. Solving problems using relationship ΔG° = -nFE°cell = -RT ln Keq
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