• A.1. Rectangles and Squares - Composite Figures and Word Problems

    1. A.1.M. Play Multiplayer 0 wins, 0 losses

    2. A.1.Q. Unit Challenge

    3. A.1.1. Area and Perimeter on Grids

      1. A.1.1.O. Overview
      2. A.1.1.1. Finding Area by Counting Blocks
      3. A.1.1.2. Finding Areas of Shaded and Unshaded Regions
      4. A.1.1.3. Finding Areas Given Only Side Lengths
      5. A.1.1.4. Finding Area with Triangles
      6. A.1.1.5. Finding Perimeter Given Non-Unit Blocks
      7. A.1.1.6. Finding Areas Given Perimeter
      8. A.1.1.7. Finding Areas of Odd Shapes on a Grid
    4. A.1.2. Areas of Composite Figures

      1. A.1.2.O. Overview
      2. A.1.2.1. Composite Figures
      3. A.1.2.2. Areas in Relation to Other Figures
      4. A.1.2.3. Overlap
      5. A.1.2.4. Paths Through Figures
      6. A.1.2.5. Staircase Polygons
      7. A.1.2.6. Paths Around Figures
      8. A.1.2.7. Mixed Practice with Areas
      9. A.1.2.8. More Complicated Area Problems
    5. A.1.3. Reasoning about Area, Perimeter and Sides

      1. A.1.3.O. Overview
      2. A.1.3.1. Word Problems
      3. A.1.3.2. Word Problems with Related Figures
      4. A.1.3.3. Modifying Figures
      5. A.1.3.4. Comparing Figures to Solve Problems
      6. A.1.3.5. Find Length and Width: Area and Perimeter in Two Variables
    6. A.1.4. Perimeter of Composite Figures

      1. A.1.4.O. Overview
      2. A.1.4.1. Perimeters: “Pushing Outward”
      3. A.1.4.2. Algebraic Methods of Solving for Perimeters
      4. A.1.4.3. Solving for Perimeters Using Variables
      5. A.1.4.4. Solving for Perimeters using Diagrams
      6. A.1.4.5. Comparing Perimeters
      7. A.1.4.6. Mixed Practice with Perimeter
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  • A.2. Circles - Composite Figures and Word Problems

    1. A.2.M. Play Multiplayer 0 wins, 0 losses

    2. A.2.Q. Unit Challenge

    3. A.2.1. Area of Composite Figures with Circles

      1. A.2.1.O. Overview
      2. A.2.1.1. Practice with Area I
      3. A.2.1.2. Harder Area Problems
      4. A.2.1.3. Area Continued: Challenge Problems
    4. A.2.2. Perimeters of Composite Figures with Circles

      1. A.2.2.O. Overview
      2. A.2.2.1. Composite Perimeters I
      3. A.2.2.2. More exercises with Perimeter
    5. A.2.3. Extra Practice with Word Problems

      1. A.2.3.O. Overview
      2. A.2.3.1. Solving Areas with Pictures and Diagrams
      3. A.2.3.2. Solving Perimeters with Pictures and Diagrams
      4. A.2.3.3. Revolutions
      5. A.2.3.4. Clock Hands and Revolutions
      6. A.2.3.5. Solving for Area and Perimeter
      7. A.2.3.6. Mixed Practice
    6. A.2.4. Olympiad-Level Area and Perimeter with Circles

      1. A.2.4.1. Introduction to Olympiads
      2. A.2.4.2. Olympiad Problems Continued
      3. A.2.4.3. More Challenging Olympiad-Level Questions
      4. A.2.4.4. Irregular Circle-Based Shapes
      5. A.2.4.5. Mixed Practice with Areas and Perimeters of Circles
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  • A.3. Triangles and Quadrilaterals - Composite Figures and Word Problems

    1. A.3.M. Play Multiplayer 0 wins, 0 losses

    2. A.3.Q. Unit Challenge

    3. A.3.1. Triangles and Quadrilaterals 1

      1. A.3.1.O. Overview
      2. A.3.1.1. Phantom Lines in Triangles
      3. A.3.1.2. Phantom Lines in Quadrilaterals
      4. A.3.1.3. Irregularly-Shaped Overlapping Regions and their Areas
      5. A.3.1.4. Very Tricky/Competition Questions
      6. A.3.1.5. Mixed Practice with Overlap
    4. A.3.2. Triangles and Quadrilaterals Continued

      1. A.3.2.O. Overview
      2. A.3.2.1. Continued Practice with Areas of Triangles and Quadrilaterals
      3. A.3.2.2. Divided Areas in Triangles and Quadrilaterals
      4. A.3.2.3. Areas of Triangles and Quadrilaterals in Two Variables
      5. A.3.2.4. Mixed Practice with Solving Problems in terms of other Areas
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