• C.1. Circular Motion and Rotation

    1. C.1.M. Play Multiplayer 0 wins, 0 losses

    2. C.1.Q. Unit Challenge

    3. C.1.1. Uniform Circular Motion

      1. C.1.1.O. Overview
      2. C.1.1.1. Determining the period, T, of an object in circular motion
      3. C.1.1.2. Determining the velocity of an object using v = 2πr/T
      4. C.1.1.3. Determining the centripetal force acting on an object using Fc = (mv2) /r
      5. C.1.1.4. Determining the centripetal acceleration of an object using a = v2/r
    4. C.1.2. Center of Mass

      1. C.1.2.O. Overview
      2. C.1.2.1. Determining the center of mass for objects positioned along the same straight line
      3. C.1.2.2. Determining the x- and y-coordinates of the center of mass for objects.
    5. C.1.3. Torque

      1. C.1.3.O. Overview
      2. C.1.3.1. Calculating the magnitude of the torque of F using τ = rFsinθ or τ = rF
      3. C.1.3.2. Calculating the net torque on an object with multiple forces acting on it
    6. C.1.4. Rotational Kinematics

      1. C.1.4.O. Overview
      2. C.1.4.1. Calculating the average angular velocity
      3. C.1.4.2. Calculating the average angular acceleration
    7. C.1.5. Angular Momentum

      1. C.1.5.O. Overview
      2. C.1.5.1. Determining the angular momentum using the equation L = rmv
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  • C.2. Gravitation

    1. C.2.M. Play Multiplayer 0 wins, 0 losses

    2. C.2.Q. Unit Challenge

    3. C.2.1. Newton’s Law of Gravitation

    4. C.2.2. Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion

      1. C.2.2.O. Overview
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