• D.1. Simple Harmonic Motion

    1. D.1.M. Play Multiplayer 0 wins, 0 losses

    2. D.1.Q. Unit Challenge

    3. D.1.1. Introduction to Harmonic Motion

      1. D.1.1.O. Overview
      2. D.1.1.1. Recognizing examples and non-examples of harmonic motion
    4. D.1.2. Hooke’s Law

      1. D.1.2.O. Overview
      2. D.1.2.1. Solving problems using the equation Fs = -kx
    5. D.1.3. Kinematics of Spring-Block Oscillators

      1. D.1.3.O. Overview
      2. D.1.3.1. Recognizing that the period represents the amount of time for one cycle to complete
      3. D.1.3.3. Calculating period using the equation period = time / cycles
      4. D.1.3.4. Calculating the frequency using the equation Frequency = cycles / time
      5. D.1.3.5. Calculating the frequency and period using the equations f = 1 / T and T = 1 / f
    6. D.1.4. Simple Pendulums

      1. D.1.4.O. Overview
      2. D.1.4.1. Determining the factors that affect the period of a pendulum
      3. D.1.4.2. Determining the restoring force for a pendulum using the equation Frestoring = mgsinθ
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